Into the Light
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Speelduur: Ca. 80 minuten
Format: DVD Kleur PAL
Talen: Nederlands - opties voor Engels,
Frans of geen ondertitels
Leeftijd: v.a. 12 jaar
Leverbaar: v.a. 15 augustus 2015
EAN code: 8717377007014


A selection of films by Janica Draisma accompanying her book
Into the light: Cinematographic Choreographies & Visual Works.

CIMEMATOGRAPHIC CHOREOGRAPHIES OR VISUAL POEMS (Made at Rietveld academy of Arts, Amsterdam)
Leader 5 sec, 1987
De bakbeesten ballade(Ballad of the monstrous) 20 sec, 1987
Dans binnen kader (Dance within frame) 40 sec, 1988
Table kick piece 1 min 10 sec, 1988
Research (Companion of Table kick piece) 1 min 20 sec, 1988
Skipping'sore 2 min 10 sec, 1990
On points & Boots (Companion to Skipping'sore) 50 sec, 1990
La Balayeuse (The woman street sweeper) 5 min, 1991
Bala II 10 min, 1993
Sonata do Mar (Sea sonata) 5 min, 1998
The wondrous (Short version) 10 min, 1998
The sound of drumming 22 min, 2001
Over mijn lippen (Crossing my lips) 14 min, 2005
The corridor 4 min 1988 / 2015
The secret room - Teaser for a feature documentary 3 min 50 sec, 2015

Info & Credits

Filmmaker and multidisciplinairy artist Janica Draisma was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Zambia.
She graduated at the audio-visual department of the Rietveld Academy of Arts in Amsterdam.
Then went on to study mime (Decroux) and film in Paris, concluded her post-graduate study at DasArts and attended the Binger Filmlab as a writer-director.
Janica has produced a variety of eye-catching films, performances and choreographies.
She has become a highly personal photographer as well.
Excavating from within, Janica comes very close to mirroring all that we have to discover in ourselves.

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